escstunis is a traditional and academic music group from the School of Communication and Media Studies (ESCS). We are proud of our roots, of our evolution and history, and the secret to it all lies in the dedication of our members.

During our journey over the years, we have been building our world through the various experiences we have lived, which we now present to the public through the music we play.

In these 26 years of existence, we have been working on the expansion of our musical repertoire – which includes the most varied genres. From original songs that exalt the academic life, passionate serenades, a collection of adaptations of great Portuguese songs and even instrumentals of reference movies soundtracks.

Our performances can be easily adapted to your needs and language in which you want us to communicate.

Watch the following video to know what we have to offer:

If you are interested in a escstunis performance, please contact us with more information on the type of performance, such as: location, date, estimated time of performance. We guarantee that we will give you an answer in the following days.

So… shall we play for you?

We can not wait to make you fall in more in love with Portugal and its traditions!

Tuna Académica da Escola Superior de Comunicação Social
Campus de Benfica do IPL 1549-014 Lisboa

Guilherme Figueiredo, Presidente | 914890879

Joana Baptista, Magister | 910772518

Inês Rodrigues, Diretora Musical | 916019455

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